Nathani Group specialize in the following areas:

Steel and Alloy Scrap
  • Nathani’s are one of the oldest scrap dealers, importers and distributors in India
  • Nathani’s are agents in India for leading European, US, UK, Brazilian, South African, Middle Eastern and Canadian scrap processors that process and export various grades of Ferrous and Stainless/Alloy Scrap
  • Nathani’s are a founding Member of Metal Recycling Association of India (MRAI)
  • Nathani’s are a Gold Member of BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) as well as FIEO(Federation of Indian Export Organizations) and ISSSAI (Iron Steel Scrap & Ship breakers Association of India)
Cast Iron Scrap
  • Nathani’s are agents in India for leading European, US, UK and Canadian scrap processors that process and export various grades of Cast Iron Scrap to Indian Foundries
  • Nathani’s sell various grades of Scrap such as Rotors and Drums, Auto Bundles, Borings, Briquettes etc
Imported Gas based DRI/Sponge Iron
  • Nathani’s have agreements to import, market and sell Imported Gas based Direct Reduced Iron Lumps and Fines
  • Imported Gas based DRI is of higher/superior quality than locally available Sponge Iron
Radiation Detection Equipment
  • Nathani’s sell various types of Hand-held and Gate Monitor equipment that can easily be installed in Scrap Yards, Steel Mills, Ports, Inland Container Depots, Container Freight Stations and all other locations where Metal Scrap, Finished Products or any other Ferrous/Non-Ferrous related items need to be tested for radioactivity
  • Radiation Detection Equipment supplied by us is approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), India
  • Complete training and after-sales service provided in India by our Engineering department
Steel and Secondary Products
  • Nathani’s import and export prime and secondary products such as Silicon Steel, Railway Axels, HR/CR Coils, Slabs, Billets, Sheets etc
Domestic Metal Scrap
  • Nathani’s trade, process and stock and sell various grades of domestic Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap in/around Mumbai, Pune and other key regions in Maharashtra
  • Nathani’s soon plan to expand its domestic operations to other regions across India
Solid Fuels to the Steel, Power and Cement Industries
  • Nathani’s work with various Suppliers to import, market and sell Met Coke, Coking Coal, PCI Coal into India
Recycling Machinery and Equipment
  • Nathani’s have agreements with the world’s most well known manufacturer’s for selling all types of Metal Recycling Equipment in India (Balers, Briquetting Presses, Shears, Crushers, Shredders etc)
  • We offer complete recycling solutions to size reduction, compaction, sorting and separation of all types of metal and waste scrap